Light on Water

July 2, 2015

in Nature

light reflected on water

“The light reflecting on the water reminds me of God’s love reflecting into our hearts.”

Submitted by Sonya Chatelain Gilcrease‎.

In what summer images do you find reminders of God’s love?


Summer Evening

July 1, 2015

in Animals,Nature

summer evening - dog and flower

“Finding God in this beautiful almost-summer evening, but even more of a blessing to me personally is the fact that my seven-year-old daughter felt God’s presence even before I did and asked me to ‘take this photo of God’s love for us, Momma.’”

Submitted by Joanie Twomey-Shook‎.

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Our Lady of the Rockies

“In Butte, Montana, as we were driving West, we looked up to see Our Lady of the Rockies. What a beautiful sight, so high up and watching over us!”

Submitted by Beth Polacheck.



June 29, 2015

in Animals


“This picture was taken at the Osaka Aquarium. The jellyfish were so captivating I gawked at them—such gorgeously beautiful creatures. Almost spontaneously, I found myself praising and giving thanks to God for creating them. For his great and marvellous handiwork, for his great love for us, how he delights us, and we him. When I saw how the little children squealed and screamed and shouted their delight, not just at the jellyfish, but at everything they beheld, I imagined God gazing upon us in the same way and how he takes such delight in us too!”

Submitted by Teresa Hogan.

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June 26, 2015

in Nature,Places

mountains of Benguet

“I felt God’s care and love as I looked at the vast expanse of trees and plants across the mountains of Benguet in the Philippines.”

Submitted by Amy Muga.



June 25, 2015

in Nature

seaside horseback riding

“At the seaside.”

Submitted by Erika Alonso.



June 24, 2015

in Nature


“Where I found God in a surprise: My son placed this flower for me in a pond and sent me the photo of it.”

Submitted by Patti Scanlon.


Sunset in Oregon

June 23, 2015

in Nature,Places

sunset in Oregon

“Sunset on Oregon coast.”

Submitted by Chad Glang.


Sunrise in Bangkok

June 22, 2015

in Places,Urban

sunrise in Bangkok

“I have been training since January of this year for my upcoming Camino Ignaciano pilgrimage that retraces the steps of St. Ignatius from Loyola to Manresa in Spain. I did the first part of the pilgrimage in 2013 and will continue where I left off this year. As part of my training, I walk 10 km every morning and say my morning prayers. Every morning I am blessed with a different and spectacular sunrise in the park where I walk. It is an affirmation of my sacrifice and commitment.”

Submitted by Theresa Herzog.



June 19, 2015

in Nature

flowers in the woods

“Walking in my woods.”

Submitted by Kathy Taylor Ramsdell.

Where have you encountered God on a walk?