Purple Flowers

August 21, 2014

in Nature

purple flowers

“In my flowers.”

Submitted by Margarita Sanchez.

Where are you finding God this summer? Send us a photo for possible inclusion on Picturing God.



August 20, 2014

in Nature


“Where do I find God today? In spite of the squirrels eating all of the black oil sunflower seeds I fill the bird feeders with, there is that one seed that finds its way into a broken plant pot and blooms for all the world to see.”

Submitted by Christine Anzalone‎.


Lighted Street

August 19, 2014

in Nature

lighted street

“While doing our usual afternoon walk, a smoke of dust caught our attention. My daughter took a shot of a peeking light amidst the trees, fascinated by the rays as they reminded her of the Divine Mercy. When we enlarged the shot, we see the face of Jesus! What an awesome reminder that every day is extraordinary, because God is with us, anywhere, everywhere. We just need to be more receptive to His call. Our eyes, ears, and hearts must be open for the ‘God moments’ like this.”

Submitted by Agnes M. Mercado.

Look for the God moments in your life today, and share a picture with us.


stained glass windows - University of Notre Dame

“The windows of the chapel at Sorin Hall at the University of Notre Dame. They go from dark amber to a light clear blue, ‘from dark to light as you get near the altar,’ moving closer to the light of God.”

Jesus statue at Notre Dame

“Statue of Jesus at Notre Dame, inscribed in Latin, ‘Come to me all.’”

Madonna and Child art at Notre Dame

“I love this in the Student Center at Notre Dame.”

Submitted by Patricia Scanlon.

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Marian Chapel

August 15, 2014

in Religious

Mary chapel

“Lady Chapel at St. Oswald’s, Old Swan, Liverpool.”

Submitted by Richard Milligan.


Rice Crop

August 14, 2014

in Nature

palay - rice crop

“Palay (rice crop) is the Philippines’s most common crop…I can easily relate with it.”

Submitted by Ria Bianca Valeroso.



August 13, 2014

in Nature


“This lovely visitor was a pleasant surprise during a recent daily morning walk in the garden.”

Submitted by Sally Carlin.



August 12, 2014

in Animals


“With my colorful turtles…I teach in the UAE so I color-coded them and gave each a personality.”

Submitted by Mike Wyatt.

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Little Girl

August 11, 2014

in People

baby girl

“In the smile of my niece.”

Submitted by Marilu Edurese.

Where do you find God in the people around you?


Water Drops on Leaf

August 8, 2014

in Nature,Places

water drops on leaf

“North Country Trail through Moraine State Park, PA.”

Submitted by Georgia Rush.

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