Autumn Path

February 5, 2016

in Nature

autumn path

“Through an invitation I got aware of on an afternoon stroll.”

Submitted by Vicky Tak.


Arizona Sunset

February 4, 2016

in Nature

AZ sunset

“Arizona autumn sunset, 2015.”

Submitted by Steve Putnicki.

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Woman Praying

February 3, 2016

in People

woman praying

“At Mass.”

Submitted by Richard Milligan.

Lent starts next week. See our selection of online prayer resources, including Lenten Moments of Mercy.


People Praying

February 2, 2016

in People

people praying in Honduras

“About 100 people in a small country church in El Prado de la Cruz, gathered for a morning of prayer, in one of the poorest sectors of the parish of Dulce Nombre de María, Copán, Honduras.”

Submitted by John Donaghy.



February 1, 2016

in Nature

CT shoreline

“Walking along the CT shoreline on a cold January day, watching the waves break as the sun glittered on the water. Total peace.”

Submitted by Sue Baird.

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January 29, 2016

in Nature

TN sunrise

“Sunrise in the Tennessee mountains.”

Submitted by Stephanie Hebert.

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January 28, 2016

in Places


“While I was in Ubud, Bali, I found him in the paddy field, in the nature.”

Submitted by Savitri Chandra.



January 27, 2016

in Animals


“During early morning prayers with one of the family cats peacefully asleep in my lap.”

Submitted by Dori Bolling.

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Walking to Church

January 26, 2016

in Places

walk through park

“During a foggy Sunday morning while walking to church. It reminded me that sometimes I feel a bit foggy with thoughts, ideas, worries, etc. and sometimes I feel a sense of clarity and confidence. No matter how I feel I know that God is present in the new things learned and insights gained.”

Submitted by Rebekah Hanson.



January 22, 2016

in Places

chapel in Cheshire

“Went to a local country house, Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire, for a classic car show with my husband. I eventually got bored with the cars and, dimly recollecting a former colleague whose family owns the place talking to me about a chapel there, I went in search of it. I was not expecting anything like this, but what struck me was not the history or the private wealth that had brought it into being, but the very obvious love and devotion to God that was present. Still used for daily worship, the prayers of the last three hundred years make for a very thin place.”

Submitted by Nädine Daniel.