Hold My Hand

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“I was on a soul-searching trip in Edinburgh, Scotland, when I stumbled upon this picture, hanging on a wall of a church. Every time I feel alone, I take a look at this picture again. I know deep down in my heart that God is there and will always hold my hand like a father to his child.”

Submitted by Lola Devung.

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6 Comments on Hold My Hand

  1. Reminds me of when my brother died and apparently my Dad told my sister-in-law ” that just because you have left go of God’s hand, remember that he is still holding yours”. Such faith my Dad had; that he could still say this after losing his son. Even typing this chokes me up.

  2. It is a nice picture of trust and security. I had problems at first with the jaundiced arm and hand. But now I see that God suffers with us. He takes on Himself all our suffering, be it jaundice or whatever. So ,thanks to those above, I can now see God with us in life, in suffering and in death.

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