shadows indoors

Is it just to be a shadow?

A temporary taste of an even greater beauty that lies somewhere unseen?

Connections made with others, some tentative, others deep and long—fast and furious, loving, sensuous, friendships, foes, convenience, need, soul to soul. All fade and end in this world. All shimmer and glimmer with the elasticity of shadows. As if somehow cast from one source and this source is illuminated, casting shadows into my world through all of you.

Oh how I desire with all that I am . . . that what is could last beyond and never end. But how foolish that would be; for what never changes never grows.

And what is to come may even be, to our unending joy, the original beauty radiating love so strong, the shadow it casts creates and sustains our world.

Photo and poem by Heidi Nelson.

In honor of Saint Ignatius’s feast day July 31, join in a month-long celebration of Ignatian spirituality with this special calendar of Ignatian-themed links.

2 Comments on Shadows

  1. I see God in His gifts to people: the eye for pictures,ability to write poetry etc. And yes, I like sitting in the shade of a tree,or basking in the shadow of The Cross, thinking I`m saved, lucky me. But said St. Padre Pio: it is easier for the world to live without the sun than without the celebration of The Sacrifice of His Son on The Cross for Love of us.

    • Thank you, Tina. With the heat wave in much of the U.S. this week, I think many of us are looking for the shadows of shade to take our rest.

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