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    • Amazing how much strength there is in something that could otherwise go unnoticed, isn’t it? Thank you, Andie, for sparking some more thoughts about the importance of paying attention.

  1. We use terms differently. For me, this image is belief. For me, faith is experienced (seen inwardly/ not seen outwardly), and thus not dangling.

    • Whether it is captioned “faith” or “belief,” I think we’re looking at the same message, Michael: when we feel like that twig, the thread that supports makes all the difference, right?

  2. That really is incredible! You know, sometimes it’s the simple miracles in life we take for granted. These little things really make you think about life in a different way.

    • Yes, Frank, if we pay attention to the little things, we can fine-tune our attitude of gratitude and not take things for granted. Thank you for stopping by!

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