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  1. God heals and transforms all wounds: it must have been quite a frightful scar after what I suppose must have been a meteorite (or asteroid) that caused the crater. Yet now it is a thing of great beauty.

    • Tina, I hadn’t thought about the crater itself being a scar that became a thing of beauty. Thank you for the different perspective today.

  2. Crater Lake always takes my breath away when we get there for family reunions in August. God speaks in the beauty of this “scar” turned into a liquid sapphire. The blue water is unlike any I’ve ever seen. Mount Mazama exploded eons ago, and the resulting caldera filled with water.

  3. I was so happy to see the beauty of the Crater Lake from Susuie`s description above and fascinated by its origen. I am in awe of God`s Process of Creation, which is still ongoing. Thank you.

    P.S. if it is an excuse for my ignorance, I am from the other side of the pond- the Atlantic.

    • Tina, no need to make excuses. One of the joys of sharing photos and stories here is that we learn about different places in the process.

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