7 Comments on Snow-Covered Branches

  1. There’s something about snow-covered branches every year that make me feel the same kind of peace! This is so beautiful, Dawn! I’m gonna miss winter at home this year… I’m in Paris, and I hear that it very seldom snows like that in the city. I feel so blessed to be here, but there’s really no place like home, huh? I’ve always thought that saying was cute, and all, but it never really spoke to me till now. Thanks for sharing the picture! It gave me a little piece of home to hold in my mind’s eye. 🙂

  2. I agree… the snow is something that we often complain about, but the kinds of days when the snow is like this and all is quiet… Such peace. Beautiful! I will remember this on the days when I want to complain, as I remember that very Ignatian thought that God is indeed to be found, in all things.

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