Brother Rene

headshot of Br. Rene

“From the time I was 18 years old this monk continuously reminded me how much God loved me. I took this picture only days before his death from throat cancer. Even though he was in great pain, Br. Rene never missed a single liturgy with his Trappist brothers. On my first visit as a guest he told me ‘When I entered this monastery, the abbot told me, “there are only two people here, you and Jesus.” You should remember the same thing.’ He showed me the face of God every day I saw him.”

Submitted by the Hermit of Bardstown.

As we approach All Souls Day, who has gone before you as a model of faith?

5 Comments on Brother Rene

  1. As I read this, my eyes began to brim with tears… what a beautiful testament to someone who was such a light. The image of Brother Rene, his eyes gazing outward is so moving on its own, but with those words.

    Then I saw that this was submitted by the Hermit of Bardstown and my heart really leaped. Exceptionally beautiful photo and reflection today.
    Thank you.

  2. Just thought “wow” when I read your comments. You were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet such a special person. I too have been blessed with my Mum and Dad whose faith and strength has been their legacy to me and I hope I can cling on to my faith in all things; AMEN.

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