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    • If you ever get the chance, Fran, take it! Assisi is such a peaceful place to wander, and I have great memories of my trip there.

  1. The picture captures the mood people were in on hearing how badly damaged the Basilica was, by the earthquake 1997. Not much later Bl.JP11 called for re-evangelization: so much like when St. Francis heard God`s voice telling him to go rebuild His Church which was in ruins.

  2. I looooove Assisi! I’m studying abroad in France this year, and I definitely want to get back there while I’m in Europe! What a beautiful photo!

  3. I have some great memories of a day spent in Assisi. Walked up to the top of the hill above the town, and around every corner it seemed like I might bang into St Francis, also enjoying the countryside. Then the skies became very threatening. Ended up running down the hill again in torrential rain, trying to get down without lightning striking!

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