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  1. Once I was to visit Avila, but the entire trip got cancelled. Although I have been to Spain four times since, I have yet to get to this place. Thanks for this photo and reminder that the feast of this great saint is upon us! Nada te turbe…

  2. I have been there some years back. In early June, and it snowed. I remember going to the Convent where she lived and where John of the Cross, I believe, stayed. I had a most incredible experience there, in that I felt welcome by Teresa, as if I returned where I had been before. As if she rushed toward me, arms opened… Very beautiful, very moving. I have not explanation for it. I just know that I remained on a high the couple of days we were there.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Claire, and sharing your experience in Ávila. I know it was a moving place for more than one of my travel companions too.

  3. As an undergrad in college I was a Spanish Language and Literature major at a Jesuit university (BC). The Spanish mystics ( Teresa de Avila, Juan de la Cruz and lesser known Luis de Leon ) were considered among the best writers of the Spanish Golden Age. I have read them multiple times. It is difficult to find a better description of the love and passion between Creator and created. The only better description I can think of is the one we see with the eyes of faith of the Divine revelation taking flesh and giving his life that mankind may live. For in the writings of these mystics, we read the intense passion and love that flows between the soul and God. Yet this is only a reflection of the love of the Trinity for each of us. If anyone is interested, I would recommend Dark Night by John of the Cross or from Teresa de Avila, a good choice would be either Road of Perfection or Interior Castles. Depending upon the translation, sometimes the titles can come out as Way of Perfection or Interior Forts Pax.

  4. People from my diocese spent their WYD Days in the Diocese in Avila this year, and when I heard that Avila was their destination, I wanted so badly to go. Teresa has been an inspiration for me to not let my relationship with God get lukewarm, a reminder that His love and passion never die and I am so much more alive when burning with His love! Thank you Kevin for your recommendation of her books, I think they could really help me in my ministry. God bless you all

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