Our First Anniversary

This week we celebrate the first anniversary of Picturing God: Faces and Traces of the Divine. In celebration, Loyola Press will give away five 2012 Ignatian Inspiration calendars. To enter for your chance to win, please leave a comment on this post before end of day Friday, October 14.

The winners will be announced early next week. There is no need to leave your personal contact information in your comment; I’ll contact the winners via e-mail for shipping details.

Today we walk down memory lane and highlight several pictures from the last year.

Water has been a popular theme for images, including one of the earliest photos submitted to us, Gentle Ripples.

gentle ripples of water
Submitted by Jade Zirino.

We’ve featured more winter photos than summer pictures but continue to welcome scenes from all seasons.

snow-covered tree outside mother's window
View from Mother’s Window, submitted by Rosemary.

One of our most popular posts was this scene from the famous pilgrim route of el Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

walking the meseta on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Submitted by Margaret.

Thank you for being a part of Picturing God this year. We look forward to uncovering more faces and traces of the Divine with you in the future. In fact, now’s a great time to submit your own picture. Where do you find God in the world around you?

51 Comments on Our First Anniversary

  1. I love checking out this blog everyday. It really lifts me up each time I see a new photo, and get a chance to comment. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Ad multos annos! I had been dropping in intermittently, but recently, as you know, I have made this a daily first stop – and gratefully so. I am grateful for a place that helps me pray each day, seeing with the “eye of my heart.”

  3. I only discoverd “this Place” a couple of months ago; think it is brilliant! Well done. Like to read all Fr Paul has to say. Think he is “cool”.

  4. I think is a great way people can be encourage to see God in all things! See how other people have found God in their everyday life help me realize new ways of recognizing His presence. Thank you for this series!

  5. Happy Anniversary

    I LOVE this website. Thank you for giving me inspiration, food for thought and an eye of appreciation whenever I venture into Creation.
    I have saved many of these lovely photos, and love browsing back through them.

  6. I enjoy “Picturing God” everyday and seeing God thought the eyes of the different camera lenses. Thank you for another way to enhance my spirituality. Happy Anniversary and many more!

  7. Every morning, I look forward to check your site before work, to remember to Look for God in all things through the day, Thank You.

  8. Congratulations on a great first year. Beautiful part of my day each day. God’s picture postcards. Keep ’em coming!

  9. Happy 1st Anniversary!! Selfishly, I hope you have many more. My morning starts by checking into “Picturing God” before I head out on a new day. Keep it up.

  10. Thank you for sharing God’s presence in our daily lives by providing pictures of His continued blessings on us all. I admit I have saved several pictures and I often use them as screen savers to open my computer with! Happiness at home. Thank you.

  11. Discovering this website has truly been a blessing to me. I love the Daily Examen, it has changed the way I pray. It has helped me open my eyes to God’s beautiful creations and the fact that He is at work all around us, all the time if we just pay attention.

  12. Happy Anniversary. May God continue to bless this ministry of showing and sharing the presence and beauty of God in all things. Receiving these daily posts in my inbox is a peaceful way to start each day. Thank you.

  13. This website has inspired me in so many ways-I feel as though I am returning to my roots-I went to a Jesuit university and now since these website inspirations I am taking a class-the 19th annotation of the Spiritual Exercises- and it is wonderful !!!!!! It is about time I fed my soul-Thank you,Thank you,Thank you–for the incredible words and pictures—-you have touched my heart and soul ! AMDG ! Melissa

  14. Happy Anniversary! The daily email is one of the first things I open each day. It is a reminder of God in all things — present even when we are too busy to notice. Blessings on your ministry; it reaches so many people.

  15. greetings on your 1st year anniversary! Thank you for sharing wonderful photos that remind us of God and his divinity in both the simple and extraordinary images of life! indeed you have started a good work… carry on!

  16. Picturing God is a wonderful way to bring us back to the knowing that God is in all things. This is a wonderful blessing to receive daily in our hectic lives! Thank you!

  17. Each morning I look forward to opening your e-mail with anticipation of the peaceful and reflective opportunity it brings with it. Thank you for providing an avenue that brings Faces and Traces of the Divine into my life.

  18. Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing…..I look forward to your emails daily….in the midst of a busy work day, you bring me back to God….

  19. I receive inspiration through photographs, and especially those posted with this morning email.

    I am grateful and look forward to more!

    I would like to win a calendar, so please put my name in the hat!

  20. I came across your site while searching for “Examen”. Then I found your photos – inspiring. Thanks You so much! Funny how one thing connect with another and another.

  21. I have throughly enjoyed the photographs in this journal these past few months & I wonder how to submit a photo & if there is a subject each month. Thank you, Judy McCabe

  22. Really appreciate being able to share with others on an international level our awareness of God in all things


  24. Your website has made me realize, in a deeply profound way, that All is Grace. More power to you, and as Ignatius would say, keep doing it for the greater glory of God.

  25. Happy Anniversary! The pictures you post always draw me in leading me to contemplate the presence of God in all. Thank you.

  26. photography is such another beautiful way of being where God is … and capturing it. thanks for this website — first time on it today.

  27. I find the photos to be very inspiring especially the winter ones. I am one who enjoys the walks of a very cold morning. The feel/sound of snow crunching under my boots as I walk through the silence of the parking lot is nothing short of a Godly for me. The photos can sometime bring me to this inner peace.

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