Rainbow Over Hospital

rainbow over hospital

“I sat in the hospital chapel, knowing my loved one would soon be leaving me; hoping he’d be welcomed with open arms; wondering what I would do without him. I went outside to go for a walk, and this rainbow was there to greet me, to let me know that God would take care of all of us.”

Submitted by Mary Ellen.

Where do you find God in times of waiting? Share your photo.

5 Comments on Rainbow Over Hospital

  1. Mary Ellen,
    Beautiful picture, beautifiul reflection.
    I’m sure he has been welcomed with open arms. The rainbow you saw was God’s way of confirming that, and also to assure you that everything will be OK, even though things won’t be exactly the same as they were before. Your loved one will be there in a special way to guide you along the weeks and months ahead.
    God Bless!

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