Heart-Shaped Moon

heart-shaped moon

“It is not a matter of thinking a great deal but of loving a great deal, so do whatever arouses you most to love.”

St. Teresa of Ávila

“As soon as I took this photo I knew it wasn’t in focus and mentally made a note to delete it. When I reviewed the shots later I found this image of a heart in place of the moon. I had been waiting to use this quote from Teresa until I found an image I felt would fit with it. When I viewed what I considered a ‘non-usable’ photo and saw the image of the heart, I knew immediately this was the image to use. Because for me, what arouses me to love, my passion, is to be led to fit images with text.”

Submitted by Heidi Nelson.

How do you observe Advent? Share your pictures for possible use on Picturing God.

11 Comments on Heart-Shaped Moon

    • I am always impressed when a picture by someone else we don’t even know can transport us in memory to a place and time with special meaning personally.

  1. You are truly blessed, Heidi. There is another who had a somewhat similar experience. He saw a group of Italian pilgrims pointing at the moon, seeing some moon-phenomena. He saw just a full moon but decided to take pictures. The photos showed a heart shaped moon, a replication of the moon forming a cross, then a figure of a child and another of a foetus. The testimony and pictures can be seen on a website `Medjugorje today`.
    Thankyou for such a beautiful and inspiring picture.

  2. Instead of meandering interminably on the website mentioned above, just google`Pilgrims were amazed by moon in Medjugorje/Medjugorje today`.

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