9 Comments on Happy Thanksgiving 2011

  1. Oh, I just love that calendar. I look forward to it each year and always go through it immediately! Thanks, Denise, for all of your wonderful pics and great reflections. I hope you ‘untie’ many ribbons today!

    • Good to see you back, Andie! I join my thanks to yours for all the wonderful photo contributions we’ve had this year. This blog is a community effort!

  2. Truly a very beautiful picture. Even nature has put on its happy gorgeous colours in celebration. It seems as though it is looking forward to winter: to a well earned rest. It has, after all, been up since early spring, giving glory to God.

      • I got the idea partly, from a little girl. I was visiting her mother my friend. The little girl was holding a cup in her hands drinking milk. Suddenly the cup fell crashing to the floor. She just looked at her mother and said: “Mummy, the cup was so tired so it fell!”The same logic I applied to leaves falling in autumn.
        Thankyou Denise for such a stunningly beautiful quote above as well as for this site.

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