Man in Loyola Sanctuary

man in Loyola Sanctuary, Spain

“This photograph was taken inside the St. Ignatius Sanctuary in Loyola, Basque country. The sunrays through the main vitral made an amazing view. More than that, it was just like He was embracing us, warming us, loving us. There was no feeling other than to praise the Lord for the joy of life and the consolations He gives us through this earthly pilgrimage.”

Submitted by Francis Franco.

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9 Comments on Man in Loyola Sanctuary

  1. I love this! Looks like it belongs in a movie or on the cover of an awesome heart-warming spiritual book of some kind! Fantastic job!

  2. I recently saw an old TV series by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, where he said, ” the difference between other religions and ours, is:” in the former they try hard to reach upwards towards God; in ours God reaches down to touch and lift us up,” just as in this lovely picture.

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