Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

“The Sea of Galilee at six in the morning. Embraced by the cool morning breeze and lulled by the sound of waves and singing of the birds, I stood still. I let myself be awed by the thought that Jesus was here. When I approached the lake and touched the water, I was suddenly awakened by God’s voice telling me: ‘I AM always here. I AM always with you.’”

Submitted by Tess R. Rapadas.

9 Comments on Sea of Galilee

  1. Profound words to a profound picture. The reflection of the sun in the water reminds me of Jesus saying” he who has seen Me, has seen The Father”. No wonder the Rabbis there say”God created the seven seas, but He chose this one as His Delight”.

  2. The Greatness of God manifest in what He created and still creates… and one of these Is your talent….my beloved friend!! Sr. Hermelina, Fdz . Italy

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