Trust Skywriting

trust skywriting

“This was a skywriting that was over my home one morning. I really needed that message at that particular time in my life, and it is a message that I return to everyday.”

Submitted by Angela Pope.

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10 Comments on Trust Skywriting

  1. I agree with you Bob, God is so Good and so Sweet too: He tries in so many ways to get our attention. It hurts so deeply when a close friend lies over a simple matter. So, I imagine how it is with God.: wanting our total trust, no matter what. Thank you, Angela.

  2. My own experience of “hearing” God in unexpected places came one day when I needed to rid myself of some fears. A van pulled up alongside the cab I was travelling in that day and it had a sticker by its side door, “No Fear”. I believe if we pay attention, God can be heard. May you find God in unexpected places.

    • Welcome to Picturing God, Diana! Paying attention is exactly what we’re trying to practice here. Thank you for your presence and your story.

  3. what a powerful image. Just looking at word itself TRUST I feel the power of God with in and around me.
    How bless are you and lucky to be given that image.



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