11 Comments on Light in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

    • Yes, indeed, Margaret. My photos never seem to show off the light as it impressed me in person, but the light was still there, inviting moments of “Wow!”

  1. Absolutely stunning!!!

    To think, when we were there in the middle of the afternoon in August, 1998, that the cathedral could look like that! Oh, my gosh!!!

    We climbed what seemed like a thousand steps up to the very top of the cathedral and wondered… pant, pant… how priests and others long ago managed to do that daily.

    Thanks so much for your gorgeous photo and for reminding me what a special place St. Stephen’s is!

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful! God Bless those very early Churchmen (popes,bishops building cathedrals)who were inspired by St.John`s vision of The New Jerusalem:it`s unimaginable beauty,where the streets were of pure gold,as if transparent glass,and the walls of most precious stones of different colours.Rev.21:19-20. Thank you very much, Lulu.

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