Ocean in January

ocean in January

“In the ‘winter’ season of our lives the vastness of the ocean reminds us how powerful God really is. After four months had passed of surgeries, current back problems, and chemotherapy, I shared with my husband that I just needed to see the ocean. We picked, or rather the good Lord gave us, a beautiful day on the beach! Yes, in my winter season in January, on the East Coast, we were able to embrace a warm sunny day! The memory of that day continues to shine bright to allow all my discomforts to mean ‘Light’ is only a prayer away!”

Submitted by Sharon H.

Today is Ash Wednesday. Enter into the Lenten season with Ignatian resources for Lent.

5 Comments on Ocean in January

  1. I suppose the turbulence of a soul is like the sand tossed up by the waves: both ocean and sand are two great beauties, like the even greater saving graces of sickness, suffering in a child of God. God Bless you Sharon.

  2. God is good… Lovely photo makes me homesick for Berkeley, where I could access the beach in San Francisco easily via public transportation.

  3. I am fascinated by your beautiful photo. In my part of the world the white foam on the edge of waves is called “white geese”, and one can be seen flying towards the viewer here.
    But thank you most of all for your beautiful witness, it has captivated me into reflecting on the Mystery of The Cross and given me so many insights!

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