Snow Hearts

snow hearts

“Yesterday our family made the hardest decision a pet owner ever makes. We had to put our beloved St. Bernard Daisy to sleep. She was 9 1/2 years old and was one of the most enthusiastic, happy, lovable members of our family. We prayed and prayed that God would take her to heaven and asked our friends to pray for us as well so that we could deal with our grief. This morning, when my husband walked out to the car, this was in our driveway. What else can I say? With a light dusting of snow, and two unsuspecting neighborhood boys who picked up our high schoolers for school, God answered my prayers. I know he’s caring for our girl! My heart still aches for our loss, but there’s peace in it that wasn’t there before. God is great, all the time.”

Submitted by Julie.

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5 Comments on Snow Hearts

  1. Julie,
    I had to look at the picture several times to realize the hearts were done by the car tires as they left the driveway. Unbelievable!
    Putting a pet down is one of life’s crummiest jobs, especially when she is such a part of a family. We’ve had to do it twice over the years so know how you feel now. It will get better. My wife’s solution was always to go out and get another dog!

  2. I see one loving, sorrowing heart and the other as God`s Loving, Comforting Heart. Lovely sign.
    All animals are innocent creatures, yet suffer a great deal Dogs suffer physically, emotionally(eg. sadness),even mentally(I knèw one that suffered horse fly bites, and when they were gone he suffered hallucinations-hospital confirmed). Animals do not sin.
    So, Im sure God in His Justice takes animal souls to Heaven.

  3. What a sweet photo and story! God’s love is all around us, as is the love of all our departed loved ones, human, canine, feline… Daisy is reassuring you that she is frolicking in the beautiful meadows in Heaven. How awesome!

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