Light in the Woods

light in the woods

“I was struck recently by the play of light in the woods. The life-giving light of the sun is much like the love of God for us—the light and love literally sustain us, in body and spirit. Then we reflect that wondrous, abundant spirit to those around us.”

Submitted by Rudy Siegel.

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7 Comments on Light in the Woods

  1. Extremely beautiful, profound words, to an equally beautiful unique image. These inspire me to add , that, when we pray and offer sacrifices, however small, to God, He uses them to light up someone`s very dark (spiritual) forest: giving, love, hope, or joy, peace, insight, etc. Mighty thanks, Rudy.

  2. I always love the play of light in woods on a sunny day. There’s something electric and exciting about how it dances through the trees. Beautiful connection to the energy of God all around us!

    • Agreed! Even scientists are saying that “We’re all connected.” (See the link.) They just don’t accept the spiritual part, since they can’t measure it. Spirit it like music; music can be measured, but it indeed makes our spirits soar in unquantifiable ways.

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