10 Comments on Foggy Morning

  1. One of the things I love about this photo is that you can just ‘feel’ the excitement Carolyn had to be present in this morning fog, seeing the path and the tree enveloped so. Very beautiful.

  2. Whay I like most of this foggy pictures is that they show a landscape that requires a lot of faith.
    How is that way?
    Does it lead where we want to go?
    Do I believe in the one that proposed me to address it?
    May be it is better I cannot see some things since I could forget my true path..

    Basic questions that I also can address to my spiritual life!

    Thanks for it.

  3. Beautiful picture of a beautiful natural phenomenon. Dare one enter for fear of getting lost? In a mystical sense, I caught a glimse of the great beauty of a spiritual truth only to have it disappear in a fog of doubt and a lot of bla bla.

  4. What is beyond the fog? Only moving toward it will we discover more of what is on that path. Its a bit like moving on our path to eternal life; we have to go beyond the fog.

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