Sun Shining Through Clouds

sun through clouds

“Heaven’s Gate—While traveling on a gloomy day, I began missing our baby Zeke, and was comforted by this magnificent sight. It’s as if the heavens suddenly opened, reminding me that our baby Zeke is already at HOME and eternally happy with God, and that he will always be watching over us.”

Submitted by Brian and Hazel.

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5 Comments on Sun Shining Through Clouds

  1. Brian & Hazel,
    Nice picture, beautiful sharing. Yes, Zeke is home, waiting for everybody else. We lost a baby years ago, Stephen, and he’s been “busy” taking care of his brothers and sisters all this time. It’s nice to have a direct connection to heaven. God Bless.

    • Bob,
      Thank you for sharing about your little angel, Stephen. We lost Zian Ezekiel “Zeke” just last year and he was our first born. Although, it is difficult to lose a child, we are truly blessed because Zeke and Stephen are God’s chosen ones to be His little angels. God bless too.

      Brian and Hazel

  2. What a Great, Loving, Comforting and Reassuring Father, our God Is. I am glad you both, Brian and Hazel have and share this exquisite picture:”Heaven`s Gate”to always remind you and us/me to never forget. God Love you.

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