Montserrat in the Fog

Montserrat in the fog

“In May 2010, a group of us made a pilgrimage to Spain, following in the footsteps of St. Ignatius. We spent two nights in Montserrat, in a little hotel next to the monastery where Ignatius stayed five centuries ago. Amid the deafening silence of the little town, the bells of the monastery, the fog that would descend at all hours of the day, and the knowledge of what transpired in Manresa, I felt the presence of God all around us, and in those bells could hear God say over and over, ‘You are my beloved.’ Amazing and life-changing, to say the least!”

Submitted by Kristin.

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  1. Thank you both for the kind comments! Robin, I hope you are able to do the pilgrimage to Spain next year, it is awesome and inspiring. Most of the group that did the Spain pilgrimage 2 years ago are getting ready to do another one, following the footsteps of Ignatius in Italy. Hopefully another photo to come! 🙂

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