Bird Perched in Blooming Tree

bird in blossoming tree

“This is a picture I took while praying and meditating on Psalm 63. I saw this beautiful bird perched in a blooming tree. It was as if the words of the psalm were coming alive, taking shape in this small, colorful creature and its surroundings. I felt such a joy, in utter awe at God’s creations. I called it ‘Colors of God.’”

Submitted by Marcela Kelley, Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. Thank you John for your comment…I’d like to imagine King David contemplating nature and being completely taken, humbled by God’s magnificent creations.

  2. I love your picture Marcela. It looks like spring. The title of the psalm”Desire for God”,reminds me, how every winter we long for spring, we go to bed looking forward to tomorrow.Yet, why do so many fear their last night, their last winter, when they/we shall wake up to the most beautiful sunrise,The Glorious Jesus Himself, and spring of the most brilliant unimaginable colours, Heaven?

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