Massive Fig Tree

Kenya fig tree

“A fig tree in Kenya that is massive, with a perimeter of 10-15 meters. It’s at my uncle’s home. When we were small we used to join hands—10 kids to go round the tree. Now to do the same you need 30 kids; what’s more the tree is still growing! The tree is just a marvelous wonder of God.”

Submitted by Celestine.

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9 Comments on Massive Fig Tree

  1. I love the picture. And more so because I love trees. They are the most serene of all beings, so comfortable with being themselves. Lovely picture. I wish I could meet that tree…maybe one day…..

  2. I get the sensation that this is how it is when God says that he holds us in the palm of his hands, for this picture of the tree really looks like it is his hand! No one is so small to be insignificant to him.

      • Thank you, Denise. This is the beauty of it all that we can appreciate, marvel at, and be one with God’s creation through the eyes of each one of us. Isn’t that awesome? Blessings….

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