Iraq, from a Veteran

rainbow over Iraq camp

“In Iraq, I found God in the air that I breathed, in the sun, the wind, the rain, in the snowfall (first snow in over 45 years), and in the sandstorms. In the midst of war, God always gave us a sign HE was WITH US.

first snow in Iraq in over 45 years

We found God in one another. We found God as we followed the stars walking the desert back to our tents from Christmas Eve Midnight Mass. We found God in the compassion of one another as we gathered in prayer with tears at the loss of our team members. We found God in the works of the Holy Spirit as we assisted the wounded and our priest administered Last Rights (Anointing).

God was with us even when some were taken from this world to join Him in a better place.”

Submitted by Francine. Click the photo for a better view of the snow.

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  1. Your post is very inspiring. Inspiring because you find God amidst the chaos and terror. It takes courage and strength to count the good things even when everything else seems bleak. I should learn a lesson from you.

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