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“I am learning to find God in all things. An endless discovery of all the places God is—and that is everywhere, from the cosmos to the microcosm. I love coffee, and particularly the coffee at Cuatro Sombras (the four shadows), a place in viejo San Juan. Puerto Rican coffee is superb. A great coffee first thing in the morning, accompanied by a tostada, is one way to feel grateful for all the goodness God surrounds me with.”

Submitted by Claire Bangasser.

Do you find God in sharing a great cup of coffee or a well-prepared meal? Share your photo with us at Picturing God!

10 Comments on Coffee

  1. Old San Juan is just beautiful isn’t it? This coffee looks “divine” hmm… could that be where that phrase came from?? Love the hearts in the cup on the left!

  2. I can’t help but write a comment–yes! Good coffee in the morning perks me up and say “Thank you, Lord for another day.” I hope to taste your Puerto Rican coffee someday. I actually blend my own–beans from Benguet and Batangas. Greetings from the Philippines!

  3. Claire, I share Your atitude towards coffe completely!!!!! Our God is so kind to give us this miraculous drink, so that we could glorify Him and think of His uncomparable taste!

    • Galina, not being much of a coffee-drinker myself, I don’t share your enthusiasm for the beverage, but I share the enthusiasm of appreciation for a great photo.

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