Purple Sea Urchin

purple sea urchin

“This purple sea urchin lives for 70 years and has a few ecological purposes, but otherwise it’s a very basic living creature. But why did God make it? Perhaps its purpose was to remind me that if God took such care to create this small spiky being, then God must have taken at least as much care to create me.”

Submitted by Andy Otto. His full reflection on the urchin is on his blog.

7 Comments on Purple Sea Urchin

  1. When I see creatures like this at an aquarium, I am reminded of what I feel like when I contemplate outer space. God’s creation is limitless and the only word that comes to mind is – awe. Such diversity, such beauty. Amazing.

    • Barbara, I can spend hours at an aquarium, enjoying the wonders in the waters, so I completely agree about awe and amazement.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely picture and beautiful reflection: I find myself thanking God too for this great little creature.

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