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  1. This picture really spoke to my heart this morning. To me, the bench seems to be saying “slow down, stop, look… Be still and know.” (That’s what God is saying to me a lot just now). I’m also reminded of Ignatius telling us to pause before we come to pray, to stand by the place where we will meet with God, remembering that the loving gaze of God is waiting to for us. As Anthony de Mello says, “behold God beholding you – and smiling”. Thank you.

  2. Antonia and Bob, Thanks for your kind words! I was inspired by the comments of Al Bischoff, S.J. during one his wonderful homilies at Bellarmine Chapel. (Xavier Univ., Cincinnati.) He talked about sitting on one of his favorite benches on campus, thinking about the readings for that week. It is places like these where we stop and sense the serene reception of the real Eternal Spirit. Pax, Rudy

    PS More about my hikes here:

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