“As I stood on the shore, looking out at the sea and the big sky in front of and above me, I was reminded by the sun—breaking through the clouds and beaming in the blue sky above—of God, and of God’s love always there, penetrating the dark clouds that gather in my mind and in my soul.

The dark clouds represent dark feelings and thoughts that gather when I am in desolation. It is consoling in itself to know that beyond those dark clouds, however heavy they may gather, is the light wanting to shine upon me, to enlighten my heart and to give me life.”

Submitted by Danny N.

9 Comments on Clouds

  1. thanks for the photo and the words. times of desolation are, shall i say, not my favorites. thank G-d for the constancy of the divine Presence.

    • Kim, I suspect not many would willingly choose times of desolation, but we can pull through them and learn from them if we listen and pay attention to God.

  2. The sky can almost always bring God into my consciousness. It is as though He broadcasts His great love and affection for His earthbound creatures and writes it across the sky.

  3. I love seeing skies with black clouds sometimes though, as they can be so filled with drama. There is an element of ‘Will I or won’t I?’ get home before it pours down! In that kind of sense, black clouds help me feel very alive.

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