Picturing God on Campus: Marquette University

Our back-to-school series, Picturing God on Campus, returns this week. May it be a good year for students, teachers, and all who support them.

We start with a photo from Marquette University.

rainbow over Marquette University

“Don’t worry, Mom. She’s fine. I’ve got everything covered.”

Caption submitted by Brigid Skoog, whose daughter lives in the tall building pictured under the rainbow. Photo by Molly Eldridge.

Are you a student or a teacher? We welcome your submissions of how you are picturing God on your campus.

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    • Michelle, thanks for stopping by today. May you continue to find encouraging signs as you adjust to this new phase of your son’s–and your own–life.

  1. Nice comforting words to a nice picture: besides the Sign of the Covenant there is a church on either side. Seems like a safe place to live in!

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