Take My Hand

beach shadows

“I took this picture at Lake Erie as I walked the beach with my two-year-old son. This instantly has become one of my favorite images. I can read so much into this picture.

It makes me think about how much my wife and two boys depend on me for love and guidance. It also reminds me how much I depend on the Lord for the same. And I know that when I do respond to His call and take His hand I am the most complete I can be. The Lord’s love, guidance, and support are my nourishment like nothing else. I’m so happy that I can experience this by viewing things in my daily life as well as through Mass.”

Submitted by Justin Casalandra.

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  1. It is almost a ‘requirement’ of walking the Camino that you take a shadow shot. You are walking west, and the morning sun throws your shadow forward. But sometimes those shots are ‘alon’e, and this shot is so special because it is ‘shared’. What a beautiful memory this will be for always of your son.

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