Our Second Anniversary

Normally we don’t repeat images here at Picturing God, but today is our second anniversary online. In honor of that occasion, here’s a peek at one of the first images we featured back in 2010.

Colin, 15 days old. Submitted by Mia.

What photos have particularly touched you this year? Leave a comment and tell us.

6 Comments on Our Second Anniversary

  1. What a sweet, touching photo. The photo I remember most from 2012 was posted 3/5/12, titled “Snow Hearts” and submitted by Julie. From the heartbreaking story of how she had put her beloved St. Bernard to sleep the day before, came the miracle of the two hearts formed by tire tracks – truly one of those “only God” moments. I love your site!

  2. “View from my Mother’s Window” May 2011, touched a chord with me; as my own Mum died in May 2007 and is so very much missed and I talk to her every day. She too was in a Nursing Home. When in 2009 we took our Granddaughter back to the Nursing Home to show her to the Staff she toddled off with my son down a corridor and stopped – outside a door and looked up – it was “Room 18” my Mum’s room.

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