“My husband and I went to an Arvo Pärt homage concert in Mexico City. We had both been looking forward to it, but didn’t have tickets, and the show was sold out. We were lucky to get some at the door at the very last minute and ran to our seats up in the gallery of the beautiful Palacio de Bellas Artes.

“We didn’t know that we would be treated to a once in a lifetime occasion: the composer himself was at the performance, and he was debuting a brand new piece, written for the Mexican people, and in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego, ‘Virgencita.’ What a beautiful gift.

“The very last piece was ‘Te Deum.’ I didn’t want the music to end. I imagine that is what angels sound like when they sing, and I wanted to remain there, to be part of that beauty. After the performance my husband said to me, ‘That must be what heaven is like.’”

Submitted by Abril Novoa.

When have you experienced God in the performing arts?

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  1. I often get that feeling of, “this must be what heaven is like”, when I’m surrounded by our church choir (like when they process to the rear, behind where I’m seated) and they’re singing sacred music in harmony.

  2. You both were really blessed. Isn`t God just Great and Good. I was once invited to a concert in Church, where there were eight choirs performing simultaneously. One choir near the altar, one in the choir loft, and the others spread out around us-audience. I truly felt I was in Heaven. The memory is there, but the feeling has gone!. Thank you.

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