Flower in Rocky Ground

flower in rocky ground

“I found God in the surprise of a flower growing in an unlikely place. It reminds me that God can bring beauty where we might expect barrenness. This was taken Aug. 29, in Hanau-am-Main, Germany.”

Submitted by Teresa Costanza Nolet.

What are your Advent and Christmas traditions? We’d love to see your photos of finding God in December. Submit your pictures of the people and places that make the season special.

4 Comments on Flower in Rocky Ground

  1. I like this photo because it reminds me of how, in the middle of all the bad stuff that is around us or that we are experiencing, we can still bloom with God’s help.

  2. Seeing that bright yellow color in the barrenness of the stone brings hope to my heart. Hope in God’s ever- present love which often appears where we least expect it!

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