Mass in India

Mass in India

“I found God on my trip to visit Fr. John Deeney, SJ, and the Jesuits in Jamshedpur, India. One of the most beautiful Masses I have ever attended was at St. Paul Miki, Pandabir. It was in a ramshackle church, since replaced, and concelebrated by five Jesuits, entirely in the Ho language, where the offerings were bandanas of rice from each family. I didn’t understand a word of the Mass or homily by Fr. Greg D’Silva, SJ, but never felt closer to God. The people walked up to 15 miles to get to Mass, and each one greeted us with a two-handed embrace and the words, ‘Jisu maranka,’ or ‘Jesus is great’ in their language. AMDG, indeed!”

Submitted by Thomas Brzozowski.

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  1. THANK YOU. Terrific picture and wonderful background story. My pastor, originally from India, grew up Catholic because of the Jesuits in India. One of his uncles was a Jesuit priest and he went to Jesuit schools there. AMDG

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