Two Views of the Dock

dock on South Watuppa Pond

“I just completed a spiritual photography project that was inspired by my experience during the 19th Annotation version of the Spiritual Exercises. I am an artist and was actually surprised to discover that God spoke to me visually a lot. The Exercises taught me to pay attention to where my heart leapt. It had leapt many times before but I didn’t spend time with that, or wonder at its invitation. My heart continually leapt every time I came to this spot on the dock. By the grace of God, I listened. I was filled in ways beyond my imagination and continue to be. God is so good and very fun!

“The full project is at my blog: This is where I picture God.”

Submitted by Jamie Medeiros.

6 Comments on Two Views of the Dock

  1. I love seeing the variation in these photos from the ‘same’ spot. And the words Jamie writes I find inspirational- I hope I can notice where my heart has leapt also, and spend time there.

  2. What a beautiful insight, to recognize the leaping of your heart and the significance of that happening in the same spot! I looked at your photo essay on your blog and felt some of what you must feel in this special place. I too look at the sky every morning and am moved by God’s presence.

  3. Love!

    I made a small book of photographs I had taken on Iona — just one for each week of the Exercises, plus maybe the beginning and end — as a gift. (I made a copy for myself as well; wonder where it is . . . . . I so enjoy using photography in prayer, and your images of the same but changed spot are wonderful.

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