Stone Cross

stone cross

“This photo of a cross was taken nearing Nasbinals, partway across the Aubrac Plateau in France, along el Camino de Santiago de Compostela. There were many crosses in the landscape in this part of France, and the stones at the base of this one would have been placed by pilgrims walking past. This area is at quite a high altitude, and the weather here can be quite bad at times, but this day was very warm, and that made walking quite a challenge!”

Submitted by Margaret.

Today is Ash Wednesday. Enter into the Lenten season with Ignatian resources for Lent.

2 Comments on Stone Cross

  1. This is a wonderful picture. It brings back memories of the the time i spent in Europe when my husband was in the military.Thank you , Margaret.

  2. I like the mottled stone. With a little imagination, those white sh spots look like beautiful flowers growing all over the cross.It now being Lent I hope, all our sacrifices, sufferings, offerings, etc. are like those flowers or even precious jewels that beautify our own daily cross. Thank you Margaret.

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