Penguins at the Cross

penguins at the cross

“Taken in Antarctica where I was so moved by the moment. Upon reflection, I now imagine the penguins to be the three at the foot of the cross—now even more moving, especially during Holy Week.”

Submitted by Marie LeRoy.

As we enter into Holy Week, you may be interested in these resources.

The Seven Last Words (online Flash meditations)
Freedom in the Midst of Suffering: The Meaning of the Passion by Paul Coutinho
The Language of the Cross by Joseph A. Tetlow, SJ

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  1. Marie, I too am deeply touched and moved by your picture. They too wait at the foot of The Cross. As I see it, Jesus`Death was to save not only mankind but also all of God`s creation: it is man`s (male and female) sin tha causes innocent creatures to suffer so terribly. I pray the new heaven and the new earth will come about soon. Thank you.

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