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  1. Actually I’m the one who sent this picture with the following text which I wrote while I was meditating on my balcony…

    I wonder why you haven’t include it with the picture?!?


    I used to blame it all on America!!! But when I zoomed in to the region where I live, I got a clearer picture of what’s goin’ on…Then I zoomed a little more into my small country and started to ponder on the situation we live in…I began to understand! So I decided to zoom more into my own confession & family and began to fathom…but in the end I couldn’t explain it all until I zoomed into my inner self…At this point, I knew it all and zoomed back out again…Only to realize that we are all living in the same ship and are somehow interconnected…and that this Humanity desperately need Jesus-Christ, Our only Lord and Savior, to come back again and save this huge boat called earth from the inevitable auto-destruction and drowning.

    Come back O Lord Jesus, Marana tha, and save us all from “this Devil that everybody feel but nobody believes in”…………………….AMEN!!!

    “The Mad about Christ “
    I pray…Therefore I live,
    On This Holy Land of Eternal Lebanon
    With The Help and Grace of The Almighty-GOD!!!

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