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  1. Thank you Lord!!!

    Thank you O Lord for the Sun you created to give us light and warmth…

    And for the air you’ve granted that allows us to breathe…

    Thank you for the rain you shower us with to give us water to drink and clean our nature…

    Thank you for your snow and mountains,

    Thank you for your oceans that enable us to swim, fish, travel & explore…

    Thank you for all your birds and butterflies & flowers,

    But most of all, thank you for Your Holy Spirit that give us wisdom and solace,

    Thank you for Your Beloved Son who’s granted us the redemption of our sins and allowed us to be coheirs of Your Kingdom

    Thank you for Your most Holy Mother who became ours too,

    And last but not least, thank you for The Eternal Life waiting for us after the present one; where we’ll finally be reunited with all whom we love and who preceded us there and get to have a very close encounter with the angels, all the saints, Our only Queen The Virgin Mary and be united completely & forever with Jesus Our only Lord & Saviour!!!

    “The Mad about Christ “
    I pray…Therefore I live,
    On This Holy Land of Eternal Lebanon,
    With The Help and Grace of The Almighty-GOD!!!

  2. Once again, the Thanksgiving weekend reminded me of how much I have for which to be grateful. Thank you Joseph and Andie for stopping by to visit here.

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