“God’s nature at its best: a pair of woodpeckers, who had drilled a home in my neighbor’s front yard tree, were busy feeding their chicks. What can I say? A perfectly drilled hole (I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to do it so beautifully) and these two birdies enabling God’s wonders to continue without interruption. Yes, finding God can be so simple as watching two industrious little birds making sure that their babies are well fed.”

Submitted by Edgar Martinez.

6 Comments on Woodpecker

  1. When those red-bellied wood-peckers call, I know that spring has got to be coming. Right? Maybe? A girl can hope.

    I’ve seen both a male and a female downy woodpecker at my suet feeders this past month, so I’m holding out hope for a nest as well!

  2. Beautiful photo of a beautiful bird! I watch the birds at daybreak every morning and they bring me a glimpse of God’s creation no matter what else may be happening!

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