Hand Holding Flowers

hand holding flowers

“I was walking with a Sister of St. Joseph of St. Augustine on the evening of the feast of the Annunciation, which this year was celebrated after Easter. We stopped at this bush of flowers, and my friend was drawn to two flowers that were especially close together. I was reminded of how Mary’s yes yielded the mysterious Incarnation in our lives. God’s son, becoming one of us, shared our beauty and our frailty. The sister’s hand holding these flowers seems a poetic witness to her own yes to God’s call in her life.”

Submitted by C.H. Pak.

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4 Comments on Hand Holding Flowers

  1. Remarkable personal insight! As it were, by telepathy, am busy preparing the Novena to Mary Help Of Christians. The Novena commences on 15th and the Feast is on 24th May. The topic on the 1st day of the Novena is the “Annunciation”. I might use your insight as example.

  2. What extremely beautiful words to such a beautiful picture. Anything I say would only detract or diminish your holy inspired words. Thank you.

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