Sunset in Michigan

sunset in Pentwater, MI

“…in sacred moments of wonder and awe shared with others.

“This is a state park alongside the small town of Pentwater, Michigan, where people, mostly on camping trips, gather in the evening to watch one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets. There is a standing ovation and rampant applause as the sun slowly sets. I come here as often as I can and was thrilled to finally capture the silhouettes that stand in my memory of these sunsets. We were all drawn there for the same reason—to experience the wonder and awe of this beautiful sight. I love the little girl on the far right with her hands up in the air and jumping up and down with joy at the sunset.”

Submitted by Linda Besh.

Where do you see God in what is going on around you?

7 Comments on Sunset in Michigan

  1. This sunset photo took me back a couple of weeks to Pentecost, when Christ left us with our own personal spiritual flame to be light for one another. In our ‘dark nights’ of contemplation, we find His brilliant light magnified in us like a sunrise. Peace!

  2. Definitely a breathtakingly beautiful sunset. But the silhouettes are fascinating, because they are each a beautiful mystery of God`s creation. And I believe that if they appreciate the sunset, praising and thanking God for it, they will be far more beautiful, in His eyes. Thanks.

  3. Thank you everyone for the kind comments! I too found so much beauty in the silhouettes, so much to celebrate in life and so much to appreciate in having one another to share things together like the beauty of a sunset.

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