The Narrow Gate

“Instead of a photo inspiring a thought or reading, it was a reading that recalled a photo.

I was reading [the recent] piece on Narrowness Is the Way. The last paragraph reminded me of a picture I had taken of a gate without walls that pointed upwards and a tree in the back, which reminded me of life. I never knew why I was so drawn to take that picture, and the picture never came together for me until I read that last paragraph from the story posted from Tattoos on the Heart, by Greg Boyle, SJ:

Jesus in Matthew’s gospel says, “How narrow is the gate that leads to life.” Mistakenly, I think, we’ve come to believe that this is about restriction. The way is narrow. But it really wants us to see that narrowness is the way. . . . Our choice is not to focus on the narrow, but to narrow our focus. The gate that leads to life is not about restriction at all. It is about an entry into the expansive.”

Submitted by Heidi N.

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  1. The way to heaven is narrow because only a few people can enter it while the road to hell is wide because many won’t be able to become worthy of eternal life due to sinfulness and unrepentance. Only a few can truly manifest the life required for redemption and acquisition of eternal life while many will be beholden by earthly rewards.

  2. And isn’t it great to have a reflective season like Advent to help us slow down to see how we might move through the gate to welcome Jesus anew?

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