Youth Pilgrims Find God

Emma Scuglik is in Brazil for Magis 2013 and World Youth Day. She and some of her new friends shared where they find God.

Magis2013-Yarlennys“In service I find God in the people I work with. Especially those who are poor, to see the joy they have, the value of their lives, and the way they praise God. They also then see God in my actions.” —Yarlennys


“I see God in all things because God created all things. His essence is in everything. Especially while we walk on our pilgrimage, I see him—even in the trees we pass by. He is with us on this journey.” —Jef


“I found God in an unlikely place at a concert recently. While waiting in line for the bathroom, I got into a theological discussion with a woman who was atheist. We talked about how there is real truth in the world, a real moral standard, and the beauty of it. It gave me hope for the world.” —Allen


“God is the essential. In every person, here you find God. Also in the things, in the stars, in the earth. He is everywhere, and without him we are nothing.” —Hugo


“I find God in prayer when I find peace and consolation. Prayer brings me comfort, even in the most difficult times, and I know God is there, sitting right beside me.” —Emma

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