Garden Flowers

pink flowers

“When I’m planting and pruning and digging and planning and sweating, I am nurturing my garden as well as my soul.

I marvel at the wonder of God’s creation with each blossom that appears, each bird that visits, each butterfly that wings its way into my sacred space!

Some things are tended only by God’s grace, and some things I must tend, with God’s grace. And together He/She and I most days make a very good team.

My failures are lessons in paying attention, while my successes are lessons in God’s holy inspiration. My garden, some days, craves my whole attention for its nurturing, and some days my garden nurtures my soul, my inner garden, with its messages from the Divine Holy Spirit.

My garden teaches me to be present in the precious present as well as being present to the Holy Presence.

The parade of birds through the fountain or garden sprinkler demonstrates the Creator’s recreational side, while the quick darting for the choicest seeds and bugs to feed their fledglings reminds me of holy hope for tomorrow.

The butterflies gliding past appear so fragile until I think of their persistence in traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles in their holy pilgrimage.

My garden is a daily call to prayer.”

Submitted by Julie E.

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