bottle brush

“It’s amazing how different things look like from another perspective. And it is mind boggling to me that God could see each and every detail, just like this, while at the same time be able to take in the vastness of a soaring landscape, and to experience even the endless galaxies that populate the universe. All at once.”

Submitted by Kristen Moss.

What are your Advent and Christmas traditions? We’d love to see your photos of finding God in December. Submit your pictures of the people and places that make the season special.

7 Comments on Bottlebrush

    • It is, isn’t it? While I take Andie’s great point below about this being an Advent picture, the bright red does hint at Christmas too.

  1. Look like tiny sparks of light, much like the stars in the darkened sky. A wonderful picture for Advent when we patiently await the Light who entered our world as a tiny babe.

    • Andie, I appreciate your seeing Advent in the pictures this week. This particular image does remind me too of some of the fiberoptic lights seen at this time of year. Beautiful that such a reminder of light can be found in a plant.

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