Our Lady of Fatima

Mary statue

“I was on vacation in Florida and attending Mass. I could see Mary off to my right in the small chapel, through the widows, and I couldn’t help but notice her, she looked so beautiful. After Mass I went and lit a candle and prayed to Our Lady and snapped this photo.”

Submitted by Mary Belz.

Where have you experienced God’s presence with you on a trip?

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  1. I was in Italy last May and encountered God wherever I went — Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice. I met God in the magnificent works of the hands of His creatures. I marveled at how God so generously lent His hands to da Vinci, Michaelangelo and all those artists so that they could paint or sculpt those that now delight the eyes and give joy to the heart. The magnificence of the art pieces reflected the magnificence of God Himself. Watching them moved me to be quiet, reverential and worshipful.

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