Morning Rays

sunrays through tree

“The morning rays of the sun shine through overhanging leaves of a tree. This, for me, signifies the ray of hope that God has gifted us with. A new day, a new chance at life.”

Submitted by Melaine D’Cruze.

3 Comments on Morning Rays

  1. This a.m. in the darkness of our winter – rain rain rain ! – the sky was shot with red streaks as the sun broke – what a treat!!

  2. This stunning image, pictures so vividly, what a Pro-Lifer said:viz., that at the moment of conception a beautiful sparkling light flashes on, which is part of God, and is the soul of the newly created human being.

    Thanks for your beautiful, inspiring picture. Yes, this presious person also signifies a ray of hope.

    • Please note: The wording of my third line above “part of God” is a misunderstanding. It should more correctly read:”created by God” and is the soul…etc. Sorry. Thank you.

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